Under a hidden moon

Aurora Australis at the South Pole

The clouds crept over the sky as they closed in upon the stars and hide the moon away.

Yesterday as I was coming home from work I remembered that I needed to stop at Walmart and pick up some dog food. And while I was almost certain I would be in and out and home in time for the latest episode of Supernatural. Needless to say that wasn’t the case in the end. I wasn’t really disappointed, not as much as I would have been a couple of years ago. While I am still a “fan girl” it has diminished over the last couple of seasons. Still the brothers have their appeal to the country girl I am still at heart.

When I realized I was going to miss the show I decided to take a little more time while shopping, instead of, you know just flying through the aisle like some deranged crazy person. And honestly that was the most rewarding and pleasant thing about about the whole thing.

And while I didn’t get home as quickly as I had intended it was nice to get home without the hectic that it could have been. The “Supernatural can wait” was almost like an epiphany that was long overdue. Of course my boy would have been happier if I got home earlier, if only for his well deserved food and that poop break he had been waiting on it was nice to walk him around the block, not at the commercial break, but in our own pace.

Is this the end of my fandom? No. But it is the cracking of the walls that were my Supernatural castle, the first shudder in the foundation that appear shortly before the walls come down and you look elsewhere for the new adventure.

To sit curled in a blanket under a hidden moon week after week and get drawn into another magical world, if only for a little while.

Photo credit: Keith Vanderlinde, National Science Foundation under the https://www.usa.gov/government-works license