Big Bridal Shower Days Ahead

There are a lot of ways you can look at life. I try to find the brightest point and then work backwards from there. There is no point in focusing on the negative aspects. There are too many and you end up gloomy. Which is something I hate.

That is why I am trying to find the best way to look at being asked to host my best friends bridal shower. And here is the thing I don’t have the money for it. Which is of course a reason to be gloomy. But then there is always something. I already had to turn her down as maid of honor. And the reason I gave didn’t mention money but that was the real reason, or one of them. I am also not on the best terms with one of the bridesmaids and I love my friend too much to spoil her day with background bickering. :/ But if I turn her down now again I really think that the stress it would put on our friendship could break us apart. That being said I will probably end up hosting.

Thankfully I have some time to do price shopping. This website offer 40% off bridal shower invitations when you order a larger quantity. This was the better of the offers I found but still not 100% ideal.

I like the gold glitter bridal shower invitation the best. Still I am not sure how they can offer it for the $1.65 price tag when the other outlets are offering it for 50% more. It might be worth it to write and inquire. Also the theme of the bridal shower will play a big part in the final choice. As will the price.

There is also the chance that I make my own invitations for the bridal shower.

bridal shower duties

photo source

The one above is really nice. I lve the simple look and feel and I could add my own glitter to the front instead of the sticker. Depending on how much I want to spend and what the supplies would cost, DIY bridal shower invitations could also be the solution.

Decorations, are another problem that I need to look into but they might not be that important. I have been looking for ideas for an affordable bridal shower and there are some good ones that I am considering. has a number of different options that I liked but all of them were on the pricier side of things. They might be easy to mod though.

One of them is a lingerie shower, but I am not sure that would go over that well since her future husband is pretty conservative in that regard.

Still I wouldn’t have to do too much in that context. And it might be a fun, giggle filled, afternoon.

Here are a couple of other ideas I have been brain storming so far.

  • Tea party bridal shower. I have a lot of tea since that is one of my vices. Sacrificing it for the shower is my main peeve here and I can’t bake a cake and Diary Queen is a less than appealing alternative.
  • Lingerie bridal shower. Already, mentioned this but it would be pretty much like the above with an added theme.
  • Couples shower. Instead of a traditional bridal shower go for the stealth tactic and have the best man pay for half of the shower. Still I don’t think either the best man or the groom would go for some that “girly.”
  • Spa bridal shower. This would be great but I don’t have the resources for this style of bridal shower. Besides there are some guests I would rather not pamper.

Also, the etiquette thing was never a strong suite of mine and for that reason I was also a little apprehensive about taking the job. Here was another site that gave has some more information about bridal shower etiquette.

bridal shower decorations

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I am thinking that the food shouldn’t be too much of a problem if I take the easy route. Finger food is easy to make and there aren’t any rules that say I can’t server ham salad sandwiches.

bridal shower food

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But then I liked the idea of the taco cups that they had on the that would also be easy to do. And I love tacos and taco salad would be less messy, though my dog would surely help me clean up in the event that there is an accident.